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The Sixmilewater River is a highly productive river that enters Lough Neagh at Antrim Town. 

The river holds a good head of wild Brown Trout, later in the season it has runs of Salmon and Dollaghan, a Trout which behaves in a similar way to a Sea Trout but instead of going to sea it runs to Lough Neagh which is the largest freshwater lake in the UK, covering a mammoth 153 sq miles (400 sq km). The Dollaghan grow in many ways similar to Salmon up to 2lb or 3lb every year while in the Lough due to the feeding there, this makes them one of the biggest wild Brown trout with many specimens being caught most seasons.

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Work Parties 2016
Meet - Car park, Ellie May’s

Saturday 5th March at 10am
Saturday 30th April at 10am
Saturday 21st May at 10am
Wednesday 22nd June at 7pm
Wednesday 27th July at 7pm
Saturday 22nd October at 10am 
2016 Season Permit Application Form Application for Season Permit 2016
Please Read  Allocation Procedure Info Carefully.

No day tickets to be issued during October.

Day ticket anglers are fly only, children may bait fish with a day ticket provided it is below Deerpark Bridge within the Antrim Castle Grounds

A bag limit of one trout per day, no trout to be retained over 18 inches in length
To practice catch and release for salmon during the 2016 season

Click here for help with CATCH & RELEASE

No Sunday fishing is allowed

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